Think you may have a mold or asbestos problem?
Let’s deal with it!

Mold and asbestos are health risks
We’ll get you back to safety


We detect hazardous black mold spores that can potentially cause respiratory problems for you and your family.


We know how and when to intervene, to meticulously decontaminate your space.


Mold or asbestos contamination can not only affect your overall health, it can devalue your real estate investment causing financial loss.

Ever heard of black mold spores?

Once airborne, they travel in your home and can have hazardous effects on the quality of the air you breathe, as well as damaging your goods.

If you suspect there may be a problem, call us and we’ll come over to inspect, document and devise an intervention plan if indeed, you’re facing this situation.

Using highly effective products, we come into your space with the appropriate equipment to safely eliminate what’s causing harm.

Qualified home inspectors also know what to look out for, when helping customers buy or sell a home. If you need air-quality testing, trust us to provide sound, reliable results.

We restore and rebuild infected areas
of your home with new materials


Eliminate mold or asbestos with secure methods, and the most effective products to protect your home. Your safety is our priority.


Proper equipment, technique and skill help us get in and out quickly, while making sure no corner is left untreated.


Inspections, reports and supporting documents are all part of our process. Get the complete analysis and intervention you need.

Eliminate hazard today.

The quality of the air you breathe can have serious impact on your life. Book a fast, efficient solution today.
We service Vaudreuil-Soulanges, the West Island and Montreal.